Portland Dads At Home 

A Parenting Group for Stay-At-Home Dads and Their Kids

About PortlandDad.com

Our mission is to connect At-Home Dads and their kids with each other.

Play. Playgroups for our kids at parks and dads' homes, and outings to OMSI, the Children's Museum, the zoo, and all the other places that make Portland such a great place to raise kids. Get out of the house, get together with other dads, and get your kids time to play with their friends and make new ones.

Learn. Share real-life resources and educational opportunities to help us in our role as parents. Any challenge you're facing has been faced by others in the network, and they'd be happy to share the benefit of their experience.

Connect. The kids aren’t the only ones who'll connect! Getting to know and “playing” with other dads at hikes, playgrounds, Dad’s Night Out, and other Portland Dad functions can open an often unexpected door to fun, camaraderie and friendships.

Portland Dads At Home is a network of dads who are actively involved with raising their children, some part-time, some full-time. Granddads, male nannies, and others who might find these resources beneficial are also welcome to join. Initially, the majority of our activities and members will be in the Portland, OR, metro area. However, we'd be happy to see this become a state-wide network. 

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